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Orange County Residential, Commercial & Industrial 24 Hour Emergency Roof Service. Hello and welcome, Stay Dry Roofing is a roofing company that does 24 Hour roofing emergency Service. You never know when disaster will strike when your roof becomes compromised by storm, wind or other type of damage. It generally happens at the worst possible time, sometimes in the middle of the night or on weekends when many other roofing services are closed. Orange County, California Stay Dry Roofing Stay Dry Roofing offers 24-7 Emergency roof services that starts when you call our offices. Our technicians are available anytime of the day or night to address the damage to your roof. Whether it is a small hole or a large tree that has crashed into your roof, you can count on the professionals at Orange County California Stay Dry Roofing 24 Hours to be there to address the issue. We have state of the art technology to detect roof leaks that's giving you problems

We Provide 24 Hour Emergency Service For Residential Home Owners. Leaky Residential Roof? You have come to the right place. Stay Dry Roofing is the leader in Orange County when it comes to roofing & roof cover-ups, offering services and emergency services that will keep you and your property dry. We do quality work at a fair price! 3rd Generation Roofer 19 years experience. State of the art technology and quality services. Stay Dry Roofing Company is a commercial and residential company serving the Orange County and Inland Area. Stay Dry Roofing provides top quality roofing installation, maintenance and repair services along with a 24/7 hour emergency service. Building strong relationships has been our key to success. Our mission is to deliver the best possible roof at the lowest responsible price, on time, safely and with the highest quality to all our customers.

We Provide 24/7 emergency Service For Commercial & Industrial Buildings. In Orange County there are plenty of business owners of commercial or industrial buildings we provide our services to. From small business owners to large corporations, we tackle all jobs. We are your leading full service commercial roof experts. Specializing in weatherproofing commercial and industrial buildings. Its no secret that maintaining your roof ensures a longer life span, keeps warranties intact and keeps over all cost down. We believe all roofs are not created equal.

We customize service maintenance packages to each of our customers needs to insure they’re buildings are getting the full attention they require. For commercial or industrial buildings we offer top of line torch down roof services and products to help guide you through the process of installing a new roof. We are the best when it comes to our state of the art “cool roof “ coatings. Not only will our eco friendly roof coating help waterproof your building by withstanding ponding of water but also is energy efficient and reduces cooling cost by keeping your roof up to 40 degrees cooler.

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